New mixtape also comeing out with original material i feel the begining of a album idk any ways heres some links. 

Also, much love to this website I use to get on this site to play runescape classic on dial up lol.



Mixtape Basement Antics BY Basement Boyz Production

2016-01-03 10:48:27 by tootsie10

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More BreakDowns

2008-12-27 03:40:24 by tootsie10

This is just me thinking out loud but.... But what would make a song RAPEABLE?
harmonized riffage?
odd time signatures?
what ???


2008-03-31 23:25:13 by tootsie10

i deleted some of the shiter shit i have made and renamed some of the better shit..... all in all

shit!!! tasticaly cheak them out and reveiw them!~

deffiently go check them out and tell me what you think guys!!!!!!!!!